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What Equipment is Needed for a Swimming Pool?

As a healthy aerobic exercise, swimming is favored by more people, making the swimming pool a popular venue today. So how to build a heated swimming pool? What equipment is needed for a heated swimming pool? Let us find out together here.

  • Pool Filter

An important part of maintaining a pool is to make sure it is free from all the dirt and debris. Filters are essential to ensure that the water becomes clean and safe for swimming. For example, suppose you want your swimming pool to be the best and healthiest place for all families. In that case, you need to seriously consider installing a pool filter to keep your pool clean – minus the nasty odors, unpleasant scale buildup, and other problems that can arise from a dirty pool. The best way to prevent a pool filter from clogging up is by keeping it clean and well-maintained. With proper care, you should not have to worry about breakages or other problems with your filtration system for quite some time.

  • Chemical Feeders & Purifiers

A swimming pool is a great source of exercise, relaxation, and fun. But it can also be problematic, unsafe, and costly to maintain. These are usually the result of not following the basic steps in maintaining your swimming pool. Before you spend your hard-earned money on a swimming pool, it is important to ensure that the water entering your system is free of all harmful chemicals. One way to achieve this is by investing in a decontamination system and disinfection methods. Chemical feeders and purifiers are also necessary to ensure that the water is entering and exiting your swimming pool following the guidelines laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights are important for safety reasons. Whether it is for a public or private in-ground swimming pool, one should always have a minimum of two lights per swimming pool. These lights will ensure that there is always lighting in the pool, whether in daylight saving time or not. There is also the added benefit of providing adequate visibility to keep people safe when walking around the pool at night.
With the above swimming equipment, you can enjoy happy hour with your families and friends anytime you want safely and healthily.

  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump

A swimming pool heat pump is necessary equipment for heated swimming pools. Adding an air source heat pump for the swimming pool can fulfill your desire to swim at any time of the year. A heat pump absorbs heat from the air to your pool, so it can provide you with a heated pool without raising your energy expenditures. Moreover, the swimming pool is one of the most utilized spaces in any home. It is a place where people like to spend time, providing entertainment for kids and adults alike. They provide a place to swim in the comfort of your own home and offer many health benefits.

Factors to Consider When Picking out a Heat Pump

Therefore, having a heated swimming pool with a heat pump is great for family time, and you can save your money on unnecessary entertainment for family activities. Whether buying a new swimming pool or replacing your existing pool, choosing a heat pump is an important decision. The following are the factors to consider when picking out a heat pump for your pool.

1. The Size of Your Pool

Choosing the right model of your swimming pool heat pump is crucial. Whether too high or too low of the KW outputting can have a negative effect on the overall heating performance. People may consider it is always right to have a heat pump with greater heating capacity (KW). However, the higher the heating capacity of a swimming pool heat pump may also mean higher energy expenditure.In fact, you just need to choose a heat pump with corresponding energy efficiency according to the size of your swimming pool, which can avoid unnecessary energy costs. If you have any concerns about finding the right size of your swimming pool heat pump, please do not hesitate to contact heat pump expert NEWNTIDE, who will provide the best solutions for you.

2. Coefficient of Performance (COP)

If you are considering acquiring a high-quality inverter pool heat pump, the COP is an important metric to consider. The COP is a commonly used ratio to assess inverter heat pumps. The greater the COP, the better the efficiency of the product, less energy usage, and lower running expenses are. In general, the optimal range of the Coefficient of Performance should be greater than 10, indicating reduced power consumption and less environmental impact.

3. Simple to Use

Seek for a pool heat pump that is simple to use while also providing the finest experience for the users. Check, for example, if the heat pump has digital controls or not. Is the heat pump easy to use? Is it set to switch off automatically when the appropriate temperature is reached? If the answers to all questions are yes, the heat pump may be appropriate.

4. Find a Qualified Manufacturer and a Trusted Brand

A professional manufacturer means strong production and R& D strength, and thoughtful service. NEWNTIDE is a leading heat pump manufacturer established in 2003 and has full production capacities with 13 automatic production lines and 16 international labs. Spending over a decade in manufacturing globally competitive heat pumps by our world-renowned research centers and institutes, we have won tremendous recognition worldwide. We are experts in processing residential and large-scale commercial heat pump that are predominant in their quality and efficiency.

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